© Copyright 2013 Harveys Flowers and Plants Harveys Flowers and Plants Harveys Flowers of Dore, Sheffield.. Your local Florist Delivering Fresh Flowers and Plants for all Special Occasions For a FREE Quotation Contact Jane on 07720 485946 or submit our enquiry form FREE Sheffield £4.50 Chesterfield £4.50 Rotherham Special Floral Arrangements Sprays and Sheaves Posies Casket Flowers Hearts and Cushions Sprays and Sheaves Posies View View Wreaths View Ref: S73 Price: £120 Ref: S72 Price: £120 Ref: S77 Price: £145 Ref: S74 Price: £200 View Ref: S67 Price: £170 Ref: S80 Price: £115 View Ref: S84 Price: £184 Ref: S87 Price: £100 Ref: S70 Price: £60 Ref: S90 Price: £76 Ref: S92 Price: £50 Ref: S85 Price: £145 Ref: S83 Price: £95 Ref: S96 Price: £125 Ref: S98 Price: TBA Ref: S97 Price: TBA Ref: S99 Price: TBA Ref: S100 Price: TBA Delivery Costs to Funeral Directors Living Flowers in Baskets  Environmentally friendly, living floral arrangements can be made to be reused. Baskets come in a range of sizes and suitable for all budgets.  For a quotation, please contact me on 07720 485946 Personalised Single Rose (Options: Red/Pink/White) *Vase not included Hearts and Cushions Wreaths Casket Flowers Size:24” Size:60” Living Vegetable Wreaths  Environmentally friendly, garden produce 14 inch round wreaths…  Price = £50